December 6, 2020

Sunday’s Schedule

9:15-12:15 High School
9:30-10:00 Socializing with Friends (optional)
10:00-10:15 Assembly
10:15-10:55 Lower El – Hebrew; Upper El – Judaism (including video recordings for Hanukkah, see below)
11:15-12:55 Lower El – Judaism (including video recordings for Hanukkah, see below); Upper El – Hebrew
11:55-12:10 Mr. Mannaberg’s Hebrew Through Movement (4th & 5th Grade plus Jake)

Important Dates
Community Hanukkah Celebration Sunday December 13 @ 2pm.
Winter Break December 20-January 3 (School resumes January 4)

Video Recordings for Hanukkah

Please record your students’ answers to the questions listed below. The video recordings will be edited and shown at the Community Hanukkah Celebration on December 13. I suggest that you do this during your Judaism class time and recognize it will cause you to go over your usual time limits for that class. Here are the questions:

Here are the questions:

1) Name a miracle that happened on Hanukkah
2) What is your favorite fried food to eat on Hanukkah?
3) What is your favorite Hanukkah song?
4) What is your favorite flavor of sufganiyot?
5) What is your favorite topping for latkes?
6) Which is better: sufganiyot or latkes?
7) What material would you make a dreidel out of?
8) How many presents do you get during Hanukkah?

I’m thinking that the littles may only know the answers to #6 and #8. Please feel free to eliminate any questions that you don’t think your students know the answer to.

If you use the Spotlight feature in Zoom, you should be able to get good videos of the person answering the quesiton. Record to your hard drive and then upload to the Video folder on the Teacher’s Portal.

HTM Hanukkah Lesson

This week and next we will be doing the HTM Hanukkah lesson Level 1 on page 84-5. Our NEW vocabulary will be:


I am thinking that שַׁמָּשׁ will not be a new word for most of your students so I think you can break your new word limit of 3 and teach all 4 words each lesson.

Teach the blessing. PreK-3 should teach the first line of the blessing at the bottom of page 85. Mr. Mannaberg, if your students have learned other lines of the blessing you can sing them together.

Remember to use the HTM sequence: warm up/review, introduction of new vocabulary (using script on page 85), integration of old words with the new. End the lesson by singing the blessing again.

Do not teach any other new words these next two weeks.

Home Learning – Let’s Call it Asynchronous Learning

Maybe if we use the term “asynchronous learning” parents and students will consider it to be “real work” that is required.

I reviewed Seesaw and plotted all of the assignments that students did on a spreadsheet. Here is what I learned:

  1. K-2: All of the students but one have done at least one activity. About half of the students have done most of the activities.
  2. 3rd Grade: NONE of the students have done any assignments
  3. Upper El: One student did NONE of the assignments. About half of the students have done most or all of the assignments and the other have have done a few assignments.

The spreadsheet is the second tab on the Attendance Spreadsheet. I will keep this data current and we can use the information for progress reports.

LATER ENTRY: There is a flurry of activity on Seesaw. Parents and students are emailing me. Many are working hard at getting caught up. I will reassess next week and let you know the progress.

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