Sunday, November 1

When Does Daylight Saving Time End? –
Set your clocks back one hour at 2am on Sunday.


9:00 Upper El Team Meeting (Rabbis & Cary) – Upper El Main
9:15 High School begins – HS Main
9:30 Nava, Sam and Nomi join HS – HS Main
9:30 Zoom classroom opens for socializing – Lower El Main
10:00 Assembly begins
10:15 PreK-3 students stay in Lower El; 4-7 students to Upper El Main
10:45 Nomi, Sam and 3rd graders to Naomi Main
11:15 PreK-3 students to Lower El Main & 4-7 to their teacher’s classrooms
11:50 4-5 & Jake to Mr. Mannaberg’s classroom

PreK-7 Hebrew Assessments

At 1:1 this week, be sure to assess your students and document that assessment. Links to the assessment spreadsheets are in the sidebar of the Teachers’ Blog.

Instructions for Hebrew in Harmony
  • Each student has a separate tab.
  • Tabs are color coded by teacher (Mannaberg = purple, Spivak = red, Schicker = blue).
  • Assess students at each 1:1.
  • Date your assessments at the top of the column so progress can be shown over time. (See Gabe’s tab for example.)
Instructions for Hebrew Through Movement
  • All students on the same tab with each student having a separate column.
  • Each teacher’s students are grouped together with older students to the right.
  • Assess each student every week in class or at 1:1.
  • Under student’s name, enter date student demonstrates understanding of vocabulary word.
Instructions for Shalom Uvrachah
  • Each student has a separate tab.
  • Assess each student at each 1:1.
  • Document date objective met in “Date Met” column.

Zoom Upgrade Available

Security update to Zoom available. Current version is 5.4.1.

Seesaw Trial Period

You will be getting a notice that your Seesaw Pro Trial has ended. It is my understanding that we can continue with only one Pro account since that account is the teacher of record and everyone else is a co-teacher. If you find anything you are unable to do after your trial is over, please let me know.

Rob & Nora: Zoom Setup

  1. Disable ability to write on shared screen
  2. All teachers will be co-hosts (Rob will be host)
  3. Nora will set up the following breakout rooms before 9am.
    • Lower El Main
    • Upper El Main
    • High School Main
    • Cats & Dogs
    • Sports
    • Girl Talk
    • Best Friends
    • Play Time
    • Nava Main
    • Nava 1
    • Nava 2
    • Sam Main
    • Sam 1
    • Sam 2
    • Naomi Main
    • Naomi 1
    • Naomi 2
    • Mannaberg Main
    • Mannaberg 1
    • Mannaberg 2
    • Spivak Main
    • Spivak 1
    • Spivak 2
    • Schicker Main
    • Schicker 1
    • Schicker 2
    • Schicker 3
    • HS 1
    • HS 2
    • HS 3
    • HS 4
    • HS 5

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