Sunday, October 18

Who to contact during school hours

If you need help with Zoom during school, contact Rob by phone or text or go back to the main Zoom room.. Don’t contact Nora for Zoom help. Feel free to contact Nora by phone or text for anything else.

Teacher phone numbers can be found in the sidebar of the Teacher Blog.

Update Your Zoom App

Please be sure that you have the current version of Zoom (5.3.2). Parents have been reminded to update as well. With this version, we will all be able to be in one Zoom classroom. Participants will be able to move from room to room on their own.

Here is how we will use Zoom:

  1. Everyone grades PreK-HS should come to the Lower El Zoom classroom tomorrow. Login links can be found in the sidebar of the Teacher Blog and the Parent Blog.
  2. We will all be in the Lower El Classroom. We will not use the other Zoom rooms.
  3. All teachers will be co-hosts (Rob will be host)
  4. Nora will set up the following breakout rooms before 9am.
    1. Lower El Main
    2. Nava Main
    3. Sam Main
    4. Sam 1
    5. Sam 2
    6. Sam 3
    7. Naomi Main
    8. Naomi 1
    9. Naomi 2
    10. Upper El Main
    11. Mannaberg Main
    12. Mannaberg 1
    13. Mannaberg 2
    14. Spivak Main
    15. Spivak 1
    16. Spivak 2
    17. Schicker Main
    18. Schicker 1
    19. Schicker 2
    20. Schicker 3
    21. High School Main
    22. HS 1
    23. HS 2
    24. HS 3
    25. HS 4
    26. HS 5
  5. Upper El team meeting is scheduled for 9am. Cary and the two Rabbis will be assigned to the Upper El Main breakout room as they arrive and their meeting will be held there. When their meeting is finished, they can join everyone in Lower El Main breakout room for the PreK-7 assembly.
  6. As students and other teachers arrive, they will be assigned to breakout rooms. Upper and Lower El students will be assigned to Lower El Main breakout room as they arrive. High School will be assigned to High School Main.
  7. At 10:15 Upper El students will move to Upper El Main. Students with the current version should be able to move themselves. For those who can’t move themselves, Rob will move them.
  8. At 10:55 4th & 5th graders plus Jake will go to Mannaberg Main for Hebrew in Harmony.

Students by First Name

Abram WasserUpper ElSpivak
Akiva LevinLower ElSam
Anna SaltzmanUpper ElSchicker
Arya NuttingLower ElNava
Asher SaltzmanHigh SchoolSteph
Aubrey MilnerUpper ElMannaberg
Benjamin WhitsettHigh SchoolSteph
Brayden SnyderHigh SchoolSteph
Brenna SiskindHigh SchoolSteph
Elijah KatzHigh SchoolSteph
Elijah ThompsonUpper ElSchicker
Ellie WhitsettUpper ElSpivak
Evan ScheinkerUpper ElSchicker
Gabriel FefferUpper ElSchicker
Gabriel LieverdinkLower ElNava
Isaac RubinHigh SchoolSteph
Jackie OdzaHigh SchoolSteph
Jake KingUpper ElSchicker
Jocie PikeHigh SchoolSteph
Jonah KatzLower ElNaomi
Jonah WeinerLower ElSam
Juliana LevinLower ElNava
Liam PoldoskyLower ElNaomi
Lucas OfsteinUpper ElSchicker
Lucy LangerveldHigh SchoolSteph
Lulie PikeUpper ElSchicker
Magnus RileyLower ElSam
Maisie WasserLower ElNaomi
Margot WeinerLower ElNava
Mazal HausHigh SchoolSteph
Micah OfsteinHigh SchoolSteph
Miriam VerneHigh SchoolSteph
Nathan StraussHigh SchoolSteph
Nora DeBrulerUpper ElSpivak
Norah WeinerLower ElSam
Olivia ScheinkerHigh SchoolSteph
Phoebe WeinerLower ElSam
Rachel ShapiroLower ElSam
Sabirna SnyderLower ElNava
Sara LucianoLower ElNava
Stanley LubratichUpper ElMannaberg
Zoe LeinwandUpper ElMannaberg

Students by Last Name

DeBruler, NoraUpper ElSpivak
Feffer, GabrielUpper ElSchicker
Haus, MazalHigh SchoolSteph
Katz, ElijahHigh SchoolSteph
Katz, JonahLower ElNaomi
King, JacobUpper ElSchicker
Langerveld, LucyHigh SchoolSteph
Leinwand, ZoeUpper ElMannaberg
Levin, AkivaLower ElSam
Levin, JulianaLower ElNava
Lieverdink, GabrielLower ElNava
Lubratich, StanleyUpper ElMannaberg
Luciano, SaraLower ElNava
Milner, AubreyUpper ElMannaberg
Nutting, AryaLower ElNava
Odza, JackieHigh SchoolSteph
Ofstein, LucasUpper ElSchicker
Ofstein, MicahHigh SchoolSteph
Pike, JocieHigh SchoolSteph
Pike, JulieUpper ElSchicker
Poldosky, LiamLower ElNaomi
Riley, MagnusLower ElSam
Rubin, IsaacHigh SchoolSteph
Saltzman, AnnaUpper ElSchicker
Saltzman, AsherHigh SchoolSteph
Scheinker, EvanUpper ElSchicker
Scheinker, OliviaHigh SchoolSteph
Shapiro, RachelLower ElSam
Siskind, BrennaHigh SchoolSteph
Snyder, BraydenHigh SchoolSteph
Snyder, SabrinaLower ElNava
Strauss, NathanHigh SchoolSteph
Thompson, ElijahUpper ElSchicker
Verne, MiriamHigh SchoolSteph
Wasser, AbramUpper ElSpivak
Wasser, MaisieLower ElNaomi
Weiner, JonahLower ElSam
Weiner, MargotLower ElNava
Weiner, NorahLower ElSam
Weiner, PhoebeLower ElSam
Whitsett, BenjaminHigh SchoolSteph
Whitsett, EllieUpper ElSpivak

Students by Teacher

MannabergLeinwand, ZoeUpper El
MannabergLubratich, StanleyUpper El
MannabergMilner, AubreyUpper El
NaomiKatz, JonahLower El
NaomiPoldosky, LiamLower El
NaomiWasser, MaisieLower El
NavaLevin, JulianaLower El
NavaLuciano, SaraLower El
NavaWeiner, MargotLower El
NavaLieverdink, GabrielLower El
NavaNutting, AryaLower El
NavaSnyder, SabrinaLower El
SamLevin, AkivaLower El
SamRiley, MagnusLower El
SamShapiro, RachelLower El
SamWeiner, JonahLower El
SamWeiner, NorahLower El
SamWeiner, PhoebeLower El
SchickerFeffer, GabrielUpper El
SchickerKing, JacobUpper El
SchickerOfstein, LucasUpper El
SchickerPike, JulieUpper El
SchickerSaltzman, AnnaUpper El
SchickerScheinker, EvanUpper El
SchickerThompson, ElijahUpper El
SpivakDeBruler, NoraUpper El
SpivakWasser, AbramUpper El
SpivakWhitsett, EllieUpper El
StephKatz, ElijahHigh School
StephPike, JocieHigh School
StephRubin, IsaacHigh School
StephSaltzman, AsherHigh School
StephSiskind, BrennaHigh School
StephSnyder, BraydenHigh School
StephHaus, MazalHigh School
StephOdza, JackieHigh School
StephOfstein, MicahHigh School
StephScheinker, OliviaHigh School
StephStrauss, NathanHigh School
StephVerne, MiriamHigh School
StephWhitsett, BenjaminHigh School
StephLangerveld, LucyHigh School

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