Sunday, September 27

School Sunday 9/27

9:00 Upper El Team Meeting in Upper El Classroom

9:15-12:15 HS in HS Classroom

9:30 Socializing in Lower El Classroom, Cary and Nora will facilitate

10:00 Introduction to Sukkat Shalom 1, Sam will lead

10:15 Lower El Hebrew, Upper El Judaism, madrichim in classrooms

11:15 Lower El Judaism, Upper El Hebrew, Sam leaving at 11:30

11:55 4th and 5th grade HTM with Cary

PreK-7 – Remember to start class promptly at above listed times.  End class after 30-40 minutes (aim at closer to 30 minutes for PreK-2).

Judaism Teacher’s Manual for Sukkat Shalom

5781 Directory

Family contact information can now be found at:

Teachers’ Portal/Attendance/5781 Directory

PreK-7 Hebrew 1:1 Attendance

Record 1:1 attendance on the Attendance Spreadsheet.  

Teachers’ Portal/Attendance/Attendance – OKCJS 5781

Put a P in the column if your student attended and A if they were absent.  

Each week on the spreadsheet begins with a Sunday when we have school.  Since we didn’t have school on 9/20, Week 1 actually spans two weeks and therefore has two columns for 1:1’s.

Week 1Week 2

Madrichim Tracking Documents

Hebrew Through Movement Observation Rubric

Madrichim Tracking Form

Both of these forms can be found in Teachers’ Portal/Forms. Steph will make sure the madrichim access them before class and know how to use them.   The madrichim who are assigned to track their observations will complete the forms, take a photograph of them and send them to the teacher who will use them for both self assessment and for progress reporting in Seesaw (see Assignments in Seesaw).  

Assignments in Seesaw

I have scheduled the following assignments in Seesaw.:

  1. Sukkat Shalom Lesson 1.  I put a link to the activity videos for PreK-3 and the Challenge videos for 4-7.
  2. Hebrew in Harmony Lesson 2 for your respective prayers.
  3. Shalom Uvrahchal Lesson 2 for Naomi Verne’s students.
  4. Shalom Hebrew Lesson 1 for Jake to use with Naomi in his 1:1.

At the bottom left of the screen where the student posts their work you will see this:

You can like, comment or make private notes.  If you click the mortarboard, you will see the Skills that we will be assessing and can document that the assignment has been completed.  What you mark here will not be visible to students or parents.  It will be reported out for you to use when completing your progress reports.

Use the following rating scale:

  1.  one star (below average)
  2. two stars (average)
  3. three stars (above average).

Please mark each completed Judaism and Hebrew assignment that I schedule for you and rate it.  Optionally you can rate any assessment of the student’s Derech Eretz behavior in each class based upon your observations also considering the madrichim’s tracking documentation.  This will give us an objective basis for our progress reports.  Here is an article about Skills tagging and reporting in Seesaw.

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