Monday September 21

PreK-HS have school this Sunday, September 27.  We will not have school on 10/4 or 10/11.  There will be no Weekday Drop In on Monday 10/28.  There will be no Better Together 9/27 or 10/4.

Be sure to check the Schedule Spreadsheet to see which lessons you will be teaching this Sunday. 


Please review the comments in the previous communication that follows this one if you have not participated already.  


 I will add the Home Learning assignments for PreK-7 Judaism and Hebrew to Seesaw each week.

La’bri-ut: To Our Health and Wellness

Be sure to watch the introductory video. I will be sharing this with parents as well.  I will include the activity and challenge videos in the Seesaw assignment.  Sam will lead the introduction from 10-1015.

Class Length

I encourage all of you to make sure you stay within the 30-40 minute time frames for your Judaism and Hebrew classes and keep your Hebrew Through Movement lessons between 10-15 minutes.  Younger students should be on the lower end of the range.

Turn Page Access to Textbooks

Grades 3-7 Hebrew textbooks are available as turn page editions that you can use with screen share.  Here are Links to Behrman House Turn Page Access to Textbooks


We had fun building with Lego in Weekday Drop in.  Feel free to use these Instructions to Build Alef Bet with Lego with your students.  This file is located at Teachers’ Portal/Curriculum/Shalom Uvrachah/Shalom Uvrachah 3rd grade

Login Codes for Hebrew in Harmony

This file is located at Teachers’ Portal/Curriculum/Hebrew in Harmony

Students can set up their accounts on their devices and enter these codes when they log on.  Remind them to make sure to write down their password.  If they forget, I will have to reset it for them.  The 4th graders and Jake will need to download the app from the app store for their device.  The app is free.  The other students should still have the app on their devices but they will need to access their new licenses by entering the teacher and student codes again. 

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