No School Sunday 9/20


There are several things in this document I have asked you to comment on.  When you see the word comment written in red, use the comment feature of this document (Insert-Comment) or email to share your opinions.  Feel free to comment on anything else as well.

PreK-7 Updated Weekday Schedule

Attendance was mixed.  We had 3 children from Lower El on Monday.  A total of 5 children on Wednesday with a mix of Lower 4and Upper.  We had no children on Tuesday or Thursday.  I have modified the schedule to help parents visualize that kids can come any time.  Here is a revised schedule.  It lives on the Teachers’ Portal under Calendars & Schedules and is linked from the side bar of the Parent’s Blog on our website.

Weekday Schedule

PreK-7 Seesaw

  1. We don’t want to turn on the Seesaw blog option at this point.  There are security issues that need to be explored before we consider this.
  2. I will continue to post the Home Learning Activities & Challenges from our curriculum in Seesaw.
  3. Please use the comments or email to tell me what day would you like students to turn in their assignments.

Derech Eretz

Please use the comments or email to tell me what you think about these modifications to our Derech Eretz rules and the tracking processes I present.

Derech Eretz for the Online Classroom

Our students:

  1. Come to class ready to learn
  2. Use kind words
  3. Listen while others talk
  4. Raise their hand and wait their turn to talk
  5. Turn on video and look at the screen

I can set this (and other things you might want to track for progress reports) to be tracked as a skill in Seesaw.  Seesaw has a report feature that would allow me to give the information to you at progress report time.  We could also track this on a spreadsheet.

I am thinking that our madrichim could track Derech Eretz, especially if it were on a spreadsheet.  If you are team teaching, a teacher who is not leading could also track.

How we are naming our classes

Our Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and High School teams have grade levels assigned.  Lower being PreK-3, Upper being 4-7 and HS being 8-10.  Otherwise, there are no grade levels assigned.  Classes are named for their teacher, e.g., Nava’s class, Sam’s class, etc.  A teacher may have students from several grades.  

PreK-7 Class Time

Strictly limit your class time to no more than 30-40 minutes.  The younger the student, the shorter the time.  This is an important tenet of successful online learning.  When you plan your lesson, plan your start & stop times for each segment of your lesson.  Remember that most learning will happen outside of class time.

We teach four different ways.  You don’t need to fit everything in on Sunday.

  1. Teacher led group work in Judaism and Hebrew on Sundays and weekday HTM.
  2. Independent activities and challenges at home
  3. 1:1 Hebrew instruction
  4. Games for review on weekdays.

PreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement

  1. Use as little English as possible
  2. Don’t expect students to speak for about 10 weeks.  Don’t every ask them to speak Hebrew.  Wait for them to spontaneously do it.
  3. Make sure you and your students can see each other’s whole body.
  4. Make sure you and your students have enough room to move around the room safely.
  5. Encourage your students to look at you and each other to know what they are supposed to do.
  6. Use praise.  Use your tone of voice to communicate your praise and pleasure.  Use the student’s name to make the praise specific, e.g., “Abram, yofi!”  Ellie, tov m’od“.

PreK-7 Hebrew 1:1

  1. We need to record attendance.  I have given each of you access to write on the Attendance Spreadsheet located at Teachers’ Portal/Attendance.  There is a column for 1:1 for each school week.  Enter P (for present) when the student attends their 1:1.  Note that for Week 1 there are two columns for 1:1 because we don’t have school this Sunday.
  2. For each student you mark present for 1:1, I will enter 30 minutes on your timesheet.
  3. Upper El teachers, please begin recording your assessments on the Hebrew Prayer Assessment Worksheet located at Teachers’ Portal/Hebrew in Harmony.
  4. Lower El teachers your assessment worksheet will be ready soon.
  5. Objectives for 1:1 are the same as the objectives of the HTM, Shalom Uvrachah or HiH curriculum. 


  1. Do we want to turn the chat on or off?
    1. I am thinking we want it on from 9:30-10 on Sunday and on weekdays.
    2. I am thinking we want it off during classes on Sunday.  
    3. Email Nora your thoughts or add them to the document as comments.


  1. Send Steph your assignments for the Madrichim by 9am Sunday.  Send a copy to Nora.
  2. Make the madrichim co-hosts in your class.
  3. We will ask the madrichim to track attendance, Derech Eretz and comprehension in HTM.

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