Sunday, October 18

Who to contact during school hours

If you need help with Zoom during school, contact Rob by phone or text or go back to the main Zoom room.. Don’t contact Nora for Zoom help. Feel free to contact Nora by phone or text for anything else.

Teacher phone numbers can be found in the sidebar of the Teacher Blog.

Update Your Zoom App

Please be sure that you have the current version of Zoom (5.3.2). Parents have been reminded to update as well. With this version, we will all be able to be in one Zoom classroom. Participants will be able to move from room to room on their own.

Here is how we will use Zoom:

  1. Everyone grades PreK-HS should come to the Lower El Zoom classroom tomorrow. Login links can be found in the sidebar of the Teacher Blog and the Parent Blog.
  2. We will all be in the Lower El Classroom. We will not use the other Zoom rooms.
  3. All teachers will be co-hosts (Rob will be host)
  4. Nora will set up the following breakout rooms before 9am.
    1. Lower El Main
    2. Nava Main
    3. Sam Main
    4. Sam 1
    5. Sam 2
    6. Sam 3
    7. Naomi Main
    8. Naomi 1
    9. Naomi 2
    10. Upper El Main
    11. Mannaberg Main
    12. Mannaberg 1
    13. Mannaberg 2
    14. Spivak Main
    15. Spivak 1
    16. Spivak 2
    17. Schicker Main
    18. Schicker 1
    19. Schicker 2
    20. Schicker 3
    21. High School Main
    22. HS 1
    23. HS 2
    24. HS 3
    25. HS 4
    26. HS 5
  5. Upper El team meeting is scheduled for 9am. Cary and the two Rabbis will be assigned to the Upper El Main breakout room as they arrive and their meeting will be held there. When their meeting is finished, they can join everyone in Lower El Main breakout room for the PreK-7 assembly.
  6. As students and other teachers arrive, they will be assigned to breakout rooms. Upper and Lower El students will be assigned to Lower El Main breakout room as they arrive. High School will be assigned to High School Main.
  7. At 10:15 Upper El students will move to Upper El Main. Students with the current version should be able to move themselves. For those who can’t move themselves, Rob will move them.
  8. At 10:55 4th & 5th graders plus Jake will go to Mannaberg Main for Hebrew in Harmony.

Students by First Name

Abram WasserUpper ElSpivak
Akiva LevinLower ElSam
Anna SaltzmanUpper ElSchicker
Arya NuttingLower ElNava
Asher SaltzmanHigh SchoolSteph
Aubrey MilnerUpper ElMannaberg
Benjamin WhitsettHigh SchoolSteph
Brayden SnyderHigh SchoolSteph
Brenna SiskindHigh SchoolSteph
Elijah KatzHigh SchoolSteph
Elijah ThompsonUpper ElSchicker
Ellie WhitsettUpper ElSpivak
Evan ScheinkerUpper ElSchicker
Gabriel FefferUpper ElSchicker
Gabriel LieverdinkLower ElNava
Isaac RubinHigh SchoolSteph
Jackie OdzaHigh SchoolSteph
Jake KingUpper ElSchicker
Jocie PikeHigh SchoolSteph
Jonah KatzLower ElNaomi
Jonah WeinerLower ElSam
Juliana LevinLower ElNava
Liam PoldoskyLower ElNaomi
Lucas OfsteinUpper ElSchicker
Lucy LangerveldHigh SchoolSteph
Lulie PikeUpper ElSchicker
Magnus RileyLower ElSam
Maisie WasserLower ElNaomi
Margot WeinerLower ElNava
Mazal HausHigh SchoolSteph
Micah OfsteinHigh SchoolSteph
Miriam VerneHigh SchoolSteph
Nathan StraussHigh SchoolSteph
Nora DeBrulerUpper ElSpivak
Norah WeinerLower ElSam
Olivia ScheinkerHigh SchoolSteph
Phoebe WeinerLower ElSam
Rachel ShapiroLower ElSam
Sabirna SnyderLower ElNava
Sara LucianoLower ElNava
Stanley LubratichUpper ElMannaberg
Zoe LeinwandUpper ElMannaberg

Students by Last Name

DeBruler, NoraUpper ElSpivak
Feffer, GabrielUpper ElSchicker
Haus, MazalHigh SchoolSteph
Katz, ElijahHigh SchoolSteph
Katz, JonahLower ElNaomi
King, JacobUpper ElSchicker
Langerveld, LucyHigh SchoolSteph
Leinwand, ZoeUpper ElMannaberg
Levin, AkivaLower ElSam
Levin, JulianaLower ElNava
Lieverdink, GabrielLower ElNava
Lubratich, StanleyUpper ElMannaberg
Luciano, SaraLower ElNava
Milner, AubreyUpper ElMannaberg
Nutting, AryaLower ElNava
Odza, JackieHigh SchoolSteph
Ofstein, LucasUpper ElSchicker
Ofstein, MicahHigh SchoolSteph
Pike, JocieHigh SchoolSteph
Pike, JulieUpper ElSchicker
Poldosky, LiamLower ElNaomi
Riley, MagnusLower ElSam
Rubin, IsaacHigh SchoolSteph
Saltzman, AnnaUpper ElSchicker
Saltzman, AsherHigh SchoolSteph
Scheinker, EvanUpper ElSchicker
Scheinker, OliviaHigh SchoolSteph
Shapiro, RachelLower ElSam
Siskind, BrennaHigh SchoolSteph
Snyder, BraydenHigh SchoolSteph
Snyder, SabrinaLower ElNava
Strauss, NathanHigh SchoolSteph
Thompson, ElijahUpper ElSchicker
Verne, MiriamHigh SchoolSteph
Wasser, AbramUpper ElSpivak
Wasser, MaisieLower ElNaomi
Weiner, JonahLower ElSam
Weiner, MargotLower ElNava
Weiner, NorahLower ElSam
Weiner, PhoebeLower ElSam
Whitsett, BenjaminHigh SchoolSteph
Whitsett, EllieUpper ElSpivak

Students by Teacher

MannabergLeinwand, ZoeUpper El
MannabergLubratich, StanleyUpper El
MannabergMilner, AubreyUpper El
NaomiKatz, JonahLower El
NaomiPoldosky, LiamLower El
NaomiWasser, MaisieLower El
NavaLevin, JulianaLower El
NavaLuciano, SaraLower El
NavaWeiner, MargotLower El
NavaLieverdink, GabrielLower El
NavaNutting, AryaLower El
NavaSnyder, SabrinaLower El
SamLevin, AkivaLower El
SamRiley, MagnusLower El
SamShapiro, RachelLower El
SamWeiner, JonahLower El
SamWeiner, NorahLower El
SamWeiner, PhoebeLower El
SchickerFeffer, GabrielUpper El
SchickerKing, JacobUpper El
SchickerOfstein, LucasUpper El
SchickerPike, JulieUpper El
SchickerSaltzman, AnnaUpper El
SchickerScheinker, EvanUpper El
SchickerThompson, ElijahUpper El
SpivakDeBruler, NoraUpper El
SpivakWasser, AbramUpper El
SpivakWhitsett, EllieUpper El
StephKatz, ElijahHigh School
StephPike, JocieHigh School
StephRubin, IsaacHigh School
StephSaltzman, AsherHigh School
StephSiskind, BrennaHigh School
StephSnyder, BraydenHigh School
StephHaus, MazalHigh School
StephOdza, JackieHigh School
StephOfstein, MicahHigh School
StephScheinker, OliviaHigh School
StephStrauss, NathanHigh School
StephVerne, MiriamHigh School
StephWhitsett, BenjaminHigh School
StephLangerveld, LucyHigh School
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Lessons for October 18-24

High School

Jewish History – Battling for Rights
Jewish Ethics – Steph, please let Nora know what your lesson is
No madrichim training today

Hebrew Through Movement

Level 2 – pp. 32-33.

Shalom Uvrachah

Lesson for Sunday

Lesson 2 – Shamash

Home learning assignments

Assigned in Seesaw on Sunday and due on Friday October 23. Nora will schedule these in Seesaw so that students will see them at 10am on Sunday.

Lesson 3

Hebrew in Harmony

Lessons for Sunday

Mannaberg – Brachot, Lesson 2
Spivak – Bar’chu, Lesson 2
Schicker – Aleinu, Lesson 2

Home learning assignments

Assigned in Seesaw on Sunday and due on Friday October 23. Nora will schedule these in Seesaw so that students will see them at 10am on Sunday.

Mannaberg – Brachot, Lesson 3 Slides
Spivak – Bar’chu, Lesson 3 Slides
Schicker – Aleinu, Lesson 3 Slides

LA-BRI’UT: ​To our health and wellness

Lesson for Sunday

Lesson 2 pp. 17-26.

Home learning assignments

Assigned in Seesaw on Sunday and due on Friday October 23. Nora will schedule these in Seesaw so that students will see them at 10am on Sunday.

PreK-3 Activity #2
4-7 Challenge #2
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Teachers’ Phone Numbers

Use text or phone calls to communicate between Zoom classes

Nora (269) 373-4138
Nava ‭(269) 870-0901‬
Sam ‭(248) 417-4248‬
Naomi (269) 303-8330‬
Cary ‭(269) 303-1628‬
Rabbi Schicker (513) 448-7113
Rob ‭(269) 270-2825‬
Steph 505) 301-8816‬

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Sunday, September 27

School Sunday 9/27

9:00 Upper El Team Meeting in Upper El Classroom

9:15-12:15 HS in HS Classroom

9:30 Socializing in Lower El Classroom, Cary and Nora will facilitate

10:00 Introduction to Sukkat Shalom 1, Sam will lead

10:15 Lower El Hebrew, Upper El Judaism, madrichim in classrooms

11:15 Lower El Judaism, Upper El Hebrew, Sam leaving at 11:30

11:55 4th and 5th grade HTM with Cary

PreK-7 – Remember to start class promptly at above listed times.  End class after 30-40 minutes (aim at closer to 30 minutes for PreK-2).

Judaism Teacher’s Manual for Sukkat Shalom

5781 Directory

Family contact information can now be found at:

Teachers’ Portal/Attendance/5781 Directory

PreK-7 Hebrew 1:1 Attendance

Record 1:1 attendance on the Attendance Spreadsheet.  

Teachers’ Portal/Attendance/Attendance – OKCJS 5781

Put a P in the column if your student attended and A if they were absent.  

Each week on the spreadsheet begins with a Sunday when we have school.  Since we didn’t have school on 9/20, Week 1 actually spans two weeks and therefore has two columns for 1:1’s.

Week 1Week 2

Madrichim Tracking Documents

Hebrew Through Movement Observation Rubric

Madrichim Tracking Form

Both of these forms can be found in Teachers’ Portal/Forms. Steph will make sure the madrichim access them before class and know how to use them.   The madrichim who are assigned to track their observations will complete the forms, take a photograph of them and send them to the teacher who will use them for both self assessment and for progress reporting in Seesaw (see Assignments in Seesaw).  

Assignments in Seesaw

I have scheduled the following assignments in Seesaw.:

  1. Sukkat Shalom Lesson 1.  I put a link to the activity videos for PreK-3 and the Challenge videos for 4-7.
  2. Hebrew in Harmony Lesson 2 for your respective prayers.
  3. Shalom Uvrahchal Lesson 2 for Naomi Verne’s students.
  4. Shalom Hebrew Lesson 1 for Jake to use with Naomi in his 1:1.

At the bottom left of the screen where the student posts their work you will see this:

You can like, comment or make private notes.  If you click the mortarboard, you will see the Skills that we will be assessing and can document that the assignment has been completed.  What you mark here will not be visible to students or parents.  It will be reported out for you to use when completing your progress reports.

Use the following rating scale:

  1.  one star (below average)
  2. two stars (average)
  3. three stars (above average).

Please mark each completed Judaism and Hebrew assignment that I schedule for you and rate it.  Optionally you can rate any assessment of the student’s Derech Eretz behavior in each class based upon your observations also considering the madrichim’s tracking documentation.  This will give us an objective basis for our progress reports.  Here is an article about Skills tagging and reporting in Seesaw.

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Monday September 21

PreK-HS have school this Sunday, September 27.  We will not have school on 10/4 or 10/11.  There will be no Weekday Drop In on Monday 10/28.  There will be no Better Together 9/27 or 10/4.

Be sure to check the Schedule Spreadsheet to see which lessons you will be teaching this Sunday. 


Please review the comments in the previous communication that follows this one if you have not participated already.  


 I will add the Home Learning assignments for PreK-7 Judaism and Hebrew to Seesaw each week.

La’bri-ut: To Our Health and Wellness

Be sure to watch the introductory video. I will be sharing this with parents as well.  I will include the activity and challenge videos in the Seesaw assignment.  Sam will lead the introduction from 10-1015.

Class Length

I encourage all of you to make sure you stay within the 30-40 minute time frames for your Judaism and Hebrew classes and keep your Hebrew Through Movement lessons between 10-15 minutes.  Younger students should be on the lower end of the range.

Turn Page Access to Textbooks

Grades 3-7 Hebrew textbooks are available as turn page editions that you can use with screen share.  Here are Links to Behrman House Turn Page Access to Textbooks


We had fun building with Lego in Weekday Drop in.  Feel free to use these Instructions to Build Alef Bet with Lego with your students.  This file is located at Teachers’ Portal/Curriculum/Shalom Uvrachah/Shalom Uvrachah 3rd grade

Login Codes for Hebrew in Harmony

This file is located at Teachers’ Portal/Curriculum/Hebrew in Harmony

Students can set up their accounts on their devices and enter these codes when they log on.  Remind them to make sure to write down their password.  If they forget, I will have to reset it for them.  The 4th graders and Jake will need to download the app from the app store for their device.  The app is free.  The other students should still have the app on their devices but they will need to access their new licenses by entering the teacher and student codes again. 

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No School Sunday 9/20


There are several things in this document I have asked you to comment on.  When you see the word comment written in red, use the comment feature of this document (Insert-Comment) or email to share your opinions.  Feel free to comment on anything else as well.

PreK-7 Updated Weekday Schedule

Attendance was mixed.  We had 3 children from Lower El on Monday.  A total of 5 children on Wednesday with a mix of Lower 4and Upper.  We had no children on Tuesday or Thursday.  I have modified the schedule to help parents visualize that kids can come any time.  Here is a revised schedule.  It lives on the Teachers’ Portal under Calendars & Schedules and is linked from the side bar of the Parent’s Blog on our website.

Weekday Schedule

PreK-7 Seesaw

  1. We don’t want to turn on the Seesaw blog option at this point.  There are security issues that need to be explored before we consider this.
  2. I will continue to post the Home Learning Activities & Challenges from our curriculum in Seesaw.
  3. Please use the comments or email to tell me what day would you like students to turn in their assignments.

Derech Eretz

Please use the comments or email to tell me what you think about these modifications to our Derech Eretz rules and the tracking processes I present.

Derech Eretz for the Online Classroom

Our students:

  1. Come to class ready to learn
  2. Use kind words
  3. Listen while others talk
  4. Raise their hand and wait their turn to talk
  5. Turn on video and look at the screen

I can set this (and other things you might want to track for progress reports) to be tracked as a skill in Seesaw.  Seesaw has a report feature that would allow me to give the information to you at progress report time.  We could also track this on a spreadsheet.

I am thinking that our madrichim could track Derech Eretz, especially if it were on a spreadsheet.  If you are team teaching, a teacher who is not leading could also track.

How we are naming our classes

Our Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and High School teams have grade levels assigned.  Lower being PreK-3, Upper being 4-7 and HS being 8-10.  Otherwise, there are no grade levels assigned.  Classes are named for their teacher, e.g., Nava’s class, Sam’s class, etc.  A teacher may have students from several grades.  

PreK-7 Class Time

Strictly limit your class time to no more than 30-40 minutes.  The younger the student, the shorter the time.  This is an important tenet of successful online learning.  When you plan your lesson, plan your start & stop times for each segment of your lesson.  Remember that most learning will happen outside of class time.

We teach four different ways.  You don’t need to fit everything in on Sunday.

  1. Teacher led group work in Judaism and Hebrew on Sundays and weekday HTM.
  2. Independent activities and challenges at home
  3. 1:1 Hebrew instruction
  4. Games for review on weekdays.

PreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement

  1. Use as little English as possible
  2. Don’t expect students to speak for about 10 weeks.  Don’t every ask them to speak Hebrew.  Wait for them to spontaneously do it.
  3. Make sure you and your students can see each other’s whole body.
  4. Make sure you and your students have enough room to move around the room safely.
  5. Encourage your students to look at you and each other to know what they are supposed to do.
  6. Use praise.  Use your tone of voice to communicate your praise and pleasure.  Use the student’s name to make the praise specific, e.g., “Abram, yofi!”  Ellie, tov m’od“.

PreK-7 Hebrew 1:1

  1. We need to record attendance.  I have given each of you access to write on the Attendance Spreadsheet located at Teachers’ Portal/Attendance.  There is a column for 1:1 for each school week.  Enter P (for present) when the student attends their 1:1.  Note that for Week 1 there are two columns for 1:1 because we don’t have school this Sunday.
  2. For each student you mark present for 1:1, I will enter 30 minutes on your timesheet.
  3. Upper El teachers, please begin recording your assessments on the Hebrew Prayer Assessment Worksheet located at Teachers’ Portal/Hebrew in Harmony.
  4. Lower El teachers your assessment worksheet will be ready soon.
  5. Objectives for 1:1 are the same as the objectives of the HTM, Shalom Uvrachah or HiH curriculum. 


  1. Do we want to turn the chat on or off?
    1. I am thinking we want it on from 9:30-10 on Sunday and on weekdays.
    2. I am thinking we want it off during classes on Sunday.  
    3. Email Nora your thoughts or add them to the document as comments.


  1. Send Steph your assignments for the Madrichim by 9am Sunday.  Send a copy to Nora.
  2. Make the madrichim co-hosts in your class.
  3. We will ask the madrichim to track attendance, Derech Eretz and comprehension in HTM.
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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Teacher Education this Sunday 12:30-1:30  Lower El Classroom

  1. Sukkat Shalom Text Study – Sam 
  2. Online Safety & How to Utilize and Supervise Madrichim – Steph
  3. Future dates for Teacher Education (add to your calendar):  11/8, 1/10, 2/14, 4/18.

Karl (312) 217-6667

This Week’s Goals

  1. Students will be welcomed back to school with getting to know you activities. 
  2. Teachers will establish classroom rules (see Derech Eretz below)
  3. Students will sign onto Zoom and Seesaw and learn how to do their assignments in Seesaw
  4. PreK-7 will complete introductory lesson in La’bri-ut: To Our Health and Wellness
  5. PreK-5 will set up learning space for Hebrew Through Movement
  6. 4-7 students will be introduced to their asynchronous learning activity for Hebrew in Harmony
  7. 3rd grade students will be introduced to their asynchronous learning activity for Shalom Uvrachah
  8. PreK-7 students will be introduced to the weekday drop-in schedule and encouraged to attend one or more days each week.
  9. HS will be introduced to the curriculum and plans for the year

Establish Classroom Rules

Here are the modified Derech Eretz rules for the online classroom.  Make sure to review them with your students.  We will be asking the Madrichim to track student’s adherence to the rules.  Whenever you are team teaching one of you can also track.  The form for tracking will be ready for Week 2’s lesson.

Derech Eretz for the Online Classroom

  1. Our students:
  2. Come to class ready to learn
  3. Use kind words
  4. Listen while others talk
  5. Raise their hand and wait their turn to talk
  6. Turn on video and look at the screen

Student Issues

Do not wait until the end of the day to notify me of student issues.  When anything unusual happens it is your responsibility to report it to me immediately.  It is my job to help you handle anything out of the ordinary that happens with students.  I will give you direction and seek out whatever resources might be needed to resolve the problem.  To do this, call or text my cell. 

Sunday Student Schedule

** May run until 12:15 for 4th and 5th grades.

Zoom Rooms

Every Sunday PreK-7 will start in the Lower El Classroom.  HS will start in the HS classroom.  At 10:15 Upper El will end the meeting and go to the Upper El Classroom.  All students have received cards with the QR code to the Zoom classrooms they will use.  The cards also have a short url printed on them that can be entered into devices that don’t have a QR reader.  The password for the Zoom meeting is included in the QR code and in the short url. HS students have a card for all three rooms.  Upper El has cards for Upper El and Lower El.  Lower El students have only one Zoom login card.

We will use the Lower El Classroom on Wednesdays.


The madrichim will not be with you this week.  After Steph and I met, we decided that the Madrichim will join you beginning week 2 and will be with you beginning at 1015 for your Judaism lesson and from 11:15-11:35 for your Hebrew lesson.  As you plan your lesson for week 2, make sure to identify roles for the madrichim.  You will learn more about this in the teacher training on Sunday.

Weekday Teacher Schedule 

Here is the weekday schedule.  Each day is 4:30-6:30.  We may choose to adjust the times later based upon attendance and parent feedback.  (Nava I am aware that you need to leave early.)  

Rachel Haus

Team Meetings

We have one hour per week budgeted for your lesson prep.  Try to keep your team meetings to 30 minutes so that you have 30 minutes to read and review the material.  If this is not sufficient, please let me know.

Lower El – 9/17 8pm

Upper El – 

HS – Method for planning TBD

Seesaw Announcements

Many of you have written announcements to parents and students in Seesaw.  Thanks!  Be sure that your messages to students are on their developmental and reading level.  Remember that you have the opportunity in Seesaw to send video messages.  Those would be well received by your students.  To send an announcement, click on the plus sign + .  To create a video message, select attachment and the bottom left of the announcement window.  You can edit the announcements you have already written and add video to them.  Be aware that parents are just beginning to sign up for Seesaw so they probably won’t see your message before school Sunday.

Weekday Activity Schedule

Parents have asked to have a schedule of what is happening when.  This will be a work in progress for a while as we see when students come and what works for them and One person will have a scheduled activity at any time so that at least one person is available to help with Activities and Challenges.   

4:30PreK-3 Story Time with Sam3-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with RobPreK-2 Library with Mrs. Rachel3-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with Rob
4:453-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with Mr. MannabergPreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement with Mr. Mannaberg & Nava
5:00PreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement with SamPreK-3 Story Time3-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with NavaPreK-3 Story Time
5:15PreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement with Mr. Mannaberg
5:303-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with Sam3-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with RobPreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement with Mr. Mannaberg3-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with Rob
5:45PreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement with Mr. Mannaberg
6:003-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games3-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with Rob3-7 Kahoot! & Quizlet Hebrew Review Games with Rob
6:15PreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement with Mr. MannabergPreK-5 Hebrew Through Movement with Mr. Mannaberg

Help with home learning available 4:30-6:30 all days.

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